Friday, January 3, 2014

How to perform Clean Uninstallation of Programs on Windows

Every time you uninstall a program, there are cases that not all files are removed. That's why sometimes we want to perform a Clean Uninstallation.

I will provide the easiest and fastest way on how to do this.

First, there are a number of free utilities you can use. But these two are the most efficient and effective that are tested by many other users worldwide.

The Free Revo Uninstaller and Iobit Uninstaller

You can choose on what you want to use.

Download Revo Uninstaller (Free)

Donwload Iobit Uninstaller (Free)

How to use Revo

Download the link above. Install it. You can then see all the programs that are installed in your system. Once you have chosen a program to uninstall, Revo will then run the uninstaller bundled in your program's installer. If the program you are removing requires you to restart, it is important to choose No, or Restart Later so Revo can then Scan for leftovers. After the scan, you can check for the registry entries that are found by Revo, or you can just choose Select All then Delete. After the registry entries, it will then continue to scan for leftover files. You can check the files that are found, or just press Select All and  Delete. Some files that are still running in the background will not be deleted. You will have to restart the computer to continue cleaning the files.

Iobit Uninstaller works like Revo. It also has a user-friendly GUI and you can easily understand how it works.


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