Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bootable Flash Disk (Usb) for Windows Installer

Windows Installer
Flash Disk 2gb or up depending on your installer.

There are many free utilities out there to do this like Rufus / Unetbootin / etc. But i will explain on how to do this using WinToFlash. You can get it from here.

Make a New Folder and extract it from there. The program is portable so you don't have to install it.

Open WinToFlash.exe. You should see this

Click Windows Setup Transfer Wizard and then press Next. You should see this after.

Configure Windows files path, just browse for where your Windows Installer is located. If it is an ISO/RAR/ZIp file, tick the box labeled Use ISO, RAR, etc.

Configure USB drive:, choose from drop-down menu and Select the Usb drive you will put the installer in.

Press Next and wait for it to Finish.

Now go to your Bios Setup and Boot from your Usb Flash Disk.


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